When purchasing
Funding plan support
Let's choose real estate that matches your investment objective and asset situation
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When holding
Real Estate Investment Analysis Service
We provide real estate investment analytical services by numerical value to invest in real estate that can win
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At the time of sale
Create an investment strategy tailored to your purpose
We offer one stop service until sale
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Introducing bank negotiators at affiliated offices
Loans can be used by customers who have permanent residency in Japan.
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Inter-individual buying and selling
I will create a contract.
We will also conduct property survey, surveying and registration procedures.
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Translation related to real estate
Translation of complicated documents such as affidavits
Important matter explanation · contract written with translations of other languages
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Establishment of corporation in Japan
Establishment of Real Estate Holding Company Support
We will provide support for corporate property ownership.
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Real estate renovation
Leasing management agency · remodeling agent
In order to maximize investor's income gain, we will introduce high-quality cheap remodeling company.
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LONDON real estate
Always abundant property stock
Please leave the search for real estate in London.
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